FABRICS : Our fabric range consists of Greige, Bleached, Dyed and Printed Fabrics in 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton and CVC from narrow to wider widths, weaved on Airjet Looms, Sulzer Shuttle-less Looms, Automatic Shuttle Looms & Power Looms in weaves like Plain (1/1), Twills (2/1 &3/1), Sateens (Plain & Stripes), Half Panama (Duck) etc.

HOME TEXTILES : Bed Sheet Sets, Quilt Cover Sets, Comforters, Curtains, Table Covers, Mattress Covers, Hospital Sheets, Aprons & Towels are our regular products.


 EMBROIDERY : We produce fine quality Embroidery Works on Suiting fabrics and desired home textiles, on our state of the art Japanese Barudan Multi-head Embroidery Machines.



Zainab Textile Corporation